How do I get home safely?

Leeds like any other major city has its share of crime - but there is so much you can do to make sure that you stay safe - and getting home after a night out or late night study at the University is a key part of that.  

It might seem quicker or cheaper to walk home through Hyde Park but it increases the risk to your safety, especially if you are on your own.  

We would always suggest take a bus or a taxi instead of walking home after dark. Amber Cars are the Union’s recommended taxi service. If you end up stranded after dark, with no money to pay for transport, you can give an Amber driver your student card instead, and collect it from the Cash Office in the Union three days later, in exchange for your fare money. Click here for more info.

LUU Night Bus

The LUU Night Bus is also back in operation; the Night Bus a Minibus Safety Service, which takes students home from the Union at a charge of only £1.  

If you want to get the Nightbus, please ask security or bar staff to radio the Duty Manager, who will then arrange for the driver to collect you.

You’ll be dropped to your door and the driver will wait to make sure you’re safely inside – all for just a quid.

You can find more information, including the latest operating times, on our main website.