I think I might be pregnant, what can I do?

It might feel like a lot to take in, but there are plenty of support and advice options out there for you. The most important thing to do is get a test done as soon as possible and find out for sure.

You can pick up a free pregnancy test from your doctor's surgery or a sexual health clinic. You can also buy home testing kits over the counter from pharmacies (find your nearest service here).  

Here’s a list of sexual health clinics and surgeries to choose from:

  • Citywise, Monday to Friday Under 25s contraception and sexual health service.
  • CASH Clinics, CASH stand for Contraception and Sexual Health, free for all ages.

If you are considering emergency contraception, it can be taken up to 72 hours after sex. Emergency contraception is free from various pharmacies if you are under 25, you may have to pay at some pharmacists if you are older.

If you know you are pregnant and want confidential advice about your options, we are here for you to make the right choices for you. If you want, we can also help you to liaise with your School about the impact on your studies and can provide information about any financial support.

The University has a pregnancy policy to ensure students are supported during and after their pregnancy.