I’ve been sexually assaulted, what help is there?

There is a range of support both on and off campus and we can help you to get the support that’s right for you. Please remember it’s not your fault, no matter what the situation.  

LUU Advice

We can give you free and confidential support and are here for you, even if you just need someone to listen to you. You don’t have report it to the police, the control will always stay with you.  

If you need help with your studies, finances or housing we can also support you with this.

LUU and the University of Leeds both have a zero tolerance policy towards sexual assault, harassment and hate crime. 

You can report an incident of harassment or sexual violence via the University's online reporting system

Any student making a report will always be believed and supported.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) offer a 24/7 365 support service for people of any gender who have been sexually assaulted, recently or in the past. You don’t have to report it to the police. If you do wish to report it then we can arrange an informal meeting with you to talk to the Police, to check out what the steps would be.

They offer a free, sensitive, confidential and non-judgemental service which can include:  

  • A SARC nurse can gather forensic evidence following a recent assault. SARC advises you not to shower after an assault or wash clothes which might contain evidence. All examinations are carried out sensitively by an experienced nurse, and you remain in control at all times.
  • Ongoing healthcare support.
  • Referrals to the ISVA (Independent Sexual Advisors) service, who provide emotional and practical support including legal guidance if you do feel you want to report what’s happened or take it further.

Phone and Web Chat Support Services 

These include:

  • Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL) - Independent, confidential helpline for those who identify as female and have been affected by sexual violence of any kind at any time.
  • Survivors UK - Offers individual counselling and group therapy to those who identify as male and are survivors of rape and sexual abuse.
  • Galop - Students who identify as LGBTQ+ might also find Galop helpful.