I’m feeling pressured into drinking and/or taking drugs, what can I do?

It can be difficult to say no without feeling uncomfortable or left out. It’s really hard not to give in when it feels like everyone else is doing it and the expectation is that maybe you should as well. If you are feeling pressured it may be hard to say no, but it may be better to deal with the challenge there and then, dealing with the short term reactions that may be negative will be hard - but a lot easier for you in the longer term if it means that you able to step away from the pressure.

If you feel pressured into drinking more than you would normally, try slowing down the amount you are drinking by having water every couple of drinks - you can still be social but this will help you pace out what you drink. Clubs and societies also have ‘social responsibility policies’ which includes sensible drinking. So if you are part of a club or society and you are feeling pressured, have a chat with a member of the Committee or if you don’t feel comfortable doing this drop into Student Activities for a confidential chat.

If your housemates are pressuring you to take drugs or drink alcohol it can feel like you’ve got nowhere to go, you might also be worried about the repercussions of living in a shared house or flat where drugs and alcohol are being used. If you’d like to talk to someone, or want help moving out of your accommodation, LUU Advice can help you. See the related articles for more targeted advice.

You can also get advice and information about how you can help a friend who is taking drugs here or drinking out of control here.