I’m not happy in my Halls, can I move out?

It’s sometimes possible to change your accommodation but unless there are serious problems, you will need to give it a few weeks to see how things go. Sometimes students who want to move out the first few days begin to settle in okay and are happy to stay.

It’s not uncommon to feel unsettled when you first move into your Uni accommodation. Moving away from home, getting used to living with people and finding your feet in a new city can all take time to get used to. The first few weeks can be overwhelming, so don’t be surprised if you feel down or have days where it all feels a bit much. You’re not alone.  

If you’re still not happy after a couple of weeks, talk to your Hall Warden as they might have some suggestions and can also let you know what other accommodation might be available. But don’t just move out as you’ll have signed a contract so will still be responsible for paying the rent. You can find out who your Hall Warden is here.

If you’re finding it hard to make friends, Halls do put on social activities, have a look here to find out if your Halls have any plans.