I thought I would enjoy uni more

There are a whole range of feelings that may hit you over the first few weeks, from excitement to feeling overwhelmed, disappointed as it’s not what you were expecting or you may be questioning your choice of course.  

You can feel under pressure to have the best Freshers' ever, and it can feel like everyone else is having the best time and you’re not. But you’re not alone in feeling this way.

You know that social media doesn’t tell the whole story, so try to remember that loads of people will be feeling like you right now. Freshers' is fun, but you have the whole course ahead of you so don’t worry if it’s not met your expectations yet. You are likely to have highs and lows as the semester moves on. Just remember to take care of yourself, having some down time, eating well and talking to people who you’re close with. Don’t feel you have to keep everything inside. We run a range of sessions designed to help you chill out and find your feet a bit, you can have a look here. 

If you have concerns, questions or just want to explore how you feel - have a chat with LUU Advice or if it helps to talk to other students, Mind Matters have a weekly support session. The Big White Wall is also an online mental health and wellbeing service which could also help you out.