Will I get into trouble for taking drugs?

The University has a zero tolerance policy on drugs, so if you are found in possession or using drugs on campus, including halls of residence, then you could be subject to the University’s procedures. This could result in you being asked to leave your University accommodation and/or your University course.

If you are caught and it is your first offence - you will be asked to attend a meeting with the Head of Security - if you are caught again then it will go to a disciplinary hearing. However, if the first offence is deemed very serious then it may just go to a disciplinary hearing. 

If you have a disciplinary hearing we can help. We are separate from the University and LUU Advice can offer you confidential and independent advice and support. 

Please come into speak to us as soon as you receive a letter about the issue. We can work with you through the next steps and help you respond in the best way. We can also attend the meeting with you.

You can read more about the University’s disciplinary procedure here.

If you want support or advice on this issue then please come into see us at LUU Advice, call us on 0113 380 1420 or email us here.