How taking drugs can impact you.

Leeds University Union has adopted a harm reduction approach to drug use. While it is always stated that the safest way to avoid the risks of alcohol and drugs is to not consume them, it is acknowledged that drug usage occurs among student populations. 

LUU is an independent organisation to the University so has different policies and procedures. The University of Leeds has a zero tolerance approach to illegal drug taking, meaning that if a student is found to be in possession of illegal substances or involved with illegal drug activities on campus, they may face disciplinary action, potentially including eviction from University halls of residence, suspension or expulsion from the University, or their activities being reported to the police. The University currently provides their alcohol and drug use information through a booklet and webpage.

When taking drugs the most important thing is to be as informed as possible and have as many facts about them as you can. 

There are some organisations that you can go to for more information and support:

  • Forward Leeds, is a Leeds based charity that has some useful information on drug use on their website. 
  • Drugs and Me have some really useful information on drug use and some of the dangers associated with mixing drugs. 

Taking drugs can impact your well being and also cause financial problems, which can escalate. So if you are worried about your drug use and the effect it is having on you come into speak to us at LUU Advice. We won’t tell anyone about what you discuss with us and you won’t get into trouble. We are a confidential, non-judgemental service separate to the University, so feel free to come into talk to us about anything.