I’m a sex worker, will I get in trouble if the University find out?

Selling sex is legal in England and Wales but certain activities around the industry are still criminalised. 

The University and your School cannot discriminate against you because you are a sex worker. If you need mitigating circumstances or extensions, you should be treated the same as any other student who may need additional time or support.  

If you have concerns about approaching the University or your School, or feel that you have experienced any form of discrimination or negative reactions/comments, please get in touch with LUU Advice and we can help.

The only time that the University or your School may take action is if you are arrested for criminal activities (as they would be with any crime). The University is usually informed if students are arrested and, as part of your contract with the University, you have to inform them of any arrest or charges. You can read West Yorkshire Police’s policy on sex work here.  

If you are on a Professional course such as Nursing, Medicine or Dentistry we would suggest you chat with LUU Advice before approaching your School as there are additional Professional Codes of Conduct that may be referred to.