I’ve been bereaved by suicide

We can only imagine what an horrendously difficult time this will be for you. The death of anyone close to you is incredibly difficult, bereavement through suicide has been described as ‘grief with the volume turned up’ because of the emotional complexities of dealing with the death.

There will be a whole range of changing emotions that you will be feeling. But you don’t have to suffer alone as there’s lots of help and support out there to get you through. It’s important to know that help is there regardless of whether the death was recent or in the past.  

The University has a counselling service where you can talk about how you feel in confidence.

As a University of Leeds student you have access to the Big White Wall, an online mental health and wellbeing service. 

You can also talk to your GP, plus there are organisations who offer specific help around loss through suicide such as Support After Suicide.

It’s also best to let your School know by submitting Mitigating Circumstances (see our related articles below).

If you need help with mitigating circumstances or want to talk to someone independent from the University you can contact us at LUU Advice.