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Where can I pray?

There are loads of spots on campus dedicated to prayer or quiet thought and reflection. Take a look at our spaces below and find out where’s best for you.

The Emmanuel Centre Chapel

The University’s Chaplaincy service has a chapel in the Emmanuel Centre for quiet thought and is open to people from all faiths or those with no religious background. You can also have a chat with an Anglican chaplain, Rabbi or Muslim Adviser at the Emmanuel Centre.

Catholic Chaplaincy

The Catholic Chaplaincy holds Mass on most days and there’s plenty of space for reflection and prayer.

Islamic prayer rooms

The Green Room and Cemetery Lodge are Islamic prayer rooms on campus, managed by the LUU Islamic Society (ISoc). The Green Room offers ablution and washroom facilities as well as separate prayer rooms for men and women. 

You can find the Green Room on the side of the Conference Auditorium, behind The Edge. Cemetery Lodge is on Cemetery Road, opposite the Medical and Biological Engineering Building.

Ablution facilities can also be found in the men's and women's bathrooms on the ground floor of the Union building. 

Contact to ask for the access code for these spaces. For more information about these facilities, contact ISoc or Farhat Yaqoob, Muslim Student Adviser, on

Jewish Chaplaincy

The Jewish Chaplaincy is in the Hillel Student Centre. The Hillel House Synagogue has regular Morning Prayer services and offers Orthodox and Egalitarian Friday night services.