I think I have mice and/or rats in my house, what can I do?


First things first - contact your landlord and let them know.

They may send someone round or ask you to call Leeds City Council Pest Control directly.  

The council deals with anything classed as detrimental to health for free, but mice do not count so you would be charged. 

Mice can come to your house because of overflowing bins, food scraps and fleas from pets. If this is case in your situation, the landlord could charge you. If it’s not, then the landlord has to pick up the bill. 

If you’ve got a dispute over who should pay, drop into LUU Advice for a chat or give us an email. 

Here’s some tips on preventing mice and other pests happening in the first place.

Rats carry a health risks that other vermin (like mice) don’t. So, if you see a rat in your property let your landlord know immediately.

They should arrange for someone to come round (this should happen in 24-48 hours) or ask you to contact Leeds City Council Pest Control directly here.

This will cost, but your landlord should cover it unless the rats are attracted to your house because of overflowing bins or food scraps, then you will have to pay.