I don't feel my house is secure what can I do?

If you aren't feeling safe in your house because of disrepair to security measures, like your burglar alarm not working or your doors being damaged, your landlord has to fix these. 

If it is urgent (an insecure door because of a burglary) your landlord should respond within 24 hours.

Contact your landlord in writing and let them know your concerns. Get in touch with LUU Advice if you have any problems. 

If you’d like additional safety features adding, like a security light or burglar alarm, unless you agreed to these before you signed your contract your landlord doesn’t have to install these. It’s always worth writing to them though and raising your concerns. If you’d like to install safety features yourself, you will need your landlord’s permission or they could charge for damages.  

 If your landlord has signed up to Unipol’s code of standards, check out what security measures should be in place here if you live in a shared property or here if you live in a large complex.