I'm concerned about my electricals

Here’s a few possible warning signs of electrical or wiring problems:

  • Broken plug sockets
  • Plugs that get hot when they are used
  • Sparks from electrical appliances/sockets
  • Fuses which continually blow
  • Loose switches
  • Exposed wiring

If you identify any of them, get in touch with your landlord in writing and ask that repairs or checks are carried out. Your landlord has to make sure by law that the wiring and appliances in your place are safe. They also have to have the electrics tested every five years. Faulty electricals or appliances can start fires or give you an electric shock. Ask them for proof that they have done this.

If you are not happy with their response e.g. work done but still concerns, contact Environmental Health and ask for them to do an inspection, giving them a brief description of the disrepair. They will then arrange a date and time to visit. The service is free of charge. LUU Advice can also make a referral on your behalf or you can contact them here.