I have a problem with my house and my landlord isn't helping what can I do?

First a quick checklist to make sure you have covered everything you need to do, have you:

  • Contacted the right person. Whoever you pay your rent to is responsible for repairs. If you signed via an agency but pay your rent direct to the landlord - then the landlord is responsible not the agent.  
  • Put your repair needs in writing. Say what needs doing and give a deadline (should range from 24 hours for emergency to 5 days if it affects your comfort and enjoyment of the property). If you haven’t - do this first as this is your evidence to say that you have reported it - you can include previous verbal reports that you have made.
  • Been specific e.g. what room, exactly what is needed? If the reports made previously are a bit vague then a workman may have already been but either repaired something totally different or missed what you needed.
  • Figured out if it is the landlord’s responsibility? Things like replacing light bulbs and unblocking sinks are your responsibility rather than the landlords.

Done everything you should and repairs still not done?

Or you can 

  • Put in a complaint to a redress scheme. They can investigate complaints against Letting Agents and can potentially get you compensation or a resolution. Put in a complaint here

LUU Advice can also help you get repairs done, submit complaints and see if you are entitled to compensation.

It’s important to remember, don’t stop paying rent because of disrepair as the landlord could take you to court, even if you feel you are entitled to compensation. Get advice first.