I can't pay my rent, what can I do?

If you have a short term problem e.g. you have money coming in but not in time for your rent payment date e.g. a job to cover your summer rent, or your Student Loan payment is late let your landlord know (ideally before your rent is due) and ask them to just alter the payment date. Or see if you can pay by smaller instalments for a few months until your money comes through.

The landlord can take you to court if you owe eight weeks rent or more, or you have been persistently in rent arrears during your tenancy. If the case does go to court and the decision is awarded in the landlords favour, then you could have additional court fees to pay.

If you have been issued with court papers already, please get advice as soon as possible. Visit LUU Advice in the Union or email us.

Have a chat with your landlord and ask them to put things on hold for a few weeks whilst you seek advice about your money situation. Most of the time landlords would be happy to do this, as long as they feel you are trying to find a solution.

If you are struggling to pay your rent because you have had a change of circumstances or just have more money going out that coming in and you are a UK student - you may be able to apply for some financial assistance from the Access to Learning Fund.

If you are an International student, get in touch with LUU Advice as there are other funds available. 

If you need any help or a chat about financial worries just call into LUU Advice.