My fridge isn't working what should I do?

It’s your landlord’s responsibility to keep all the appliances they’ve supplied in good working order. They have to cover the cost of replacements or repairs as long as you haven’t caused the problem through misuse, otherwise you may be charged. 

Always report a problem in writing first and keep a copy for yourself too. Expect a response within 24 - 48 hours if the fault means that food you have is going to waste.

If you’ve got more than one freezer or fridge the landlord could expect you to use that whilst the other is being fixed, but they will still have to fix your other one or get you a new one. 

If there are unreasonable delays and it causes your food to go off, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

If you’ve talked to your landlord and they still haven’t fixed the problem or acknowledged your complaint check to see if they are on Unipol’s Code of Standards here so you can put in a complaint to Unipol here.

If they are not code or you need some additional help just contact LUU Advice.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you rent through an agency, both your landlord and the agency are equally responsible for making sure repairs happen. The agency can’t refuse to do essential repairs by saying that the landlord won’t authorise it.