I don't feel safe in my house what can I do?

The main question is why don’t you feel safe? If it’s because you’ve been recently burgled or you’ve had some safety issues then you could ask your landlord to fit additional safety things, like a burglar alarm or window locks. Have a chat with your landlord and explain why you’re worried.

If you don’t think the property itself is secure, you can ask the landlord to fix anything that isn’t working properly (like a broken burglar alarm or door and window locks) but they don’t have to fit any extra security things unless it was agreed on before you moved in. 

You can also check to see if they are signed up to the Unipol Code of Standards here as there may be more they could be doing for safety.

Put any disrepair problems in writing to the landlord first and make it clear that you don’t think the property is secure. 

Don’t fit any additional security measures yourself unless you’ve already agreed it with your landlord, as they could charge you for any removal or damage caused. 

If you feel anxious about personal safety you can contact Victim Support, talk to LUU Advice or use the Big White Wall, an online health and wellbeing service.