What type of house contract do I have?

I rent from a landlord/agent 

In Leeds, most contracts are Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements. They’re normally fixed term for 12 months, but can sometimes be negotiated to a shorter term. If you sign a fixed term (i.e. a fixed date range) you are liable to pay the rent for the full time, unless there is a specific clause in the contract allowing you to give notice to quit (this is rare). 

Within this type of contract, you are a tenant and have exclusive possession of the property. The landlord/agent can access your place, but you should be given notice and they can only call in reasonable hours. The landlord can’t evict you from the property without getting a court order. 

I’m living in a property but not paying rent directly to the landlord

If you’re paying rent to another tenant who is currently living there or who signed the contract but has moved out, you are subletting. This is a tricky situation, especially if you have a problem. We can help you if you’ve got any concerns. Read up on subletting agreements here.

I’m living in university accommodation

You will have a fixed term agreement covering the full academic year. You can’t give notice to quit within the contract period, but there are other options out there for you, see the related articles below. 

Residential and Commercial Services staff have access to the communal areas but shouldn’t enter your room unless they have given you written notice. 

I’m living with the owner

You’ll either be a licensee (if the owner has unrestricted access to your room) or an excluded tenant (if you can lock your room). The length of the contract can depend. It’s sometimes possible to come to an agreement where both parties can agree to give notice to quit.