How do I find suitable disabled accommodation?

There are rooms available through the University and in the private rented sector which may be suitable for what you want.  

Some places to start looking: 

Depending on what your needs are, you may be able to find something suitable in the private market. You can do an initial property search online here. Put in your details and then click the ‘advanced’ search icon to make it more specific to you. If you have any difficulties finding something suitable from an online search - then you can chat with Unipol on their online chat or by giving them a call.

There are also designated rooms in University accommodation whether you have any special requirements or need adapted accommodation. You can have a look here. When contacting the accommodation office, you will need to complete the additional requirements form and provide supporting medical evidence. We advise contacting the accommodation office as soon as possible so that they can discuss with you the accommodation available.

If you have difficulties finding something suitable come and have a chat with LUU Advice.

If you find house-hunting stressful you can also access the Big White Wall, an online wellbeing support service.