I'm studying aboard how will I be able to find a house?

Leeds has loads of quality houses for rent, so don’t panic, they’ll still be there when you come back to Leeds. 

But, if you want to get it sorted before you get back, here’s a few options:

Move in with friends 

If you have friends in Leeds they could include you in their house hunting search. Make sure you:

  • Let them know how much rent you can afford
  • Be clear what you want from a house e.g. location/amenities/size
  • Let them know if you can get a guarantor form
  • Ask them for a copy of the contract
  • Don’t pay anything unless you are 100% you are happy 

If you agree to move in and sign a contract without seeing the property you’ll need to trust your housemates are making a good judgement on your behalf.

Once you have signed up it’s legally binding so if you move in and hate it, you will need to find someone else to replace you

Get a place of your own or go into a houseshare

You could find a studio flat when you get back to Leeds or go into a houseshare with other people who are not in Leeds yet or current students with a spare room.   

Unipol have an online service dedicated to students who aren’t in Leeds but want to find accommodation here.

Or try their student noticeboard to find students looking for someone to share with here. 

Even if you are abroad, LUU Advice are still here for you if you need any help.