Can I get my contract checked?

This form will take some information about the property you’re looking at, and take you through the same questions we ask in a contract check. This will highlight anything you need to find out more about or seek advice on, and may give you the information you need to check your contract yourself.

Once you have answered the questions your answers will be sent to you via email and any specific issues will be flagged up in this email. 

If there are some issues that have been flagged by the contract checking system that you would like to get checked, then you can visit LUU Advice and speak to an adviser in one of our drop-in sessions about your concerns. 

LUU Contract Checking Tool

Before you come in, have a good read through your contract and the results from the online form and if possible, please bring the results in with you, so an adviser can see which parts of your contract have been flagged. 

If you have any other additional questions, it would be a good idea to note these down before the meeting too. 

You can also talk to us about the property, whether you want to negotiate anything, if the rent is reasonable or what security it should have as well as checking the landlord out.

We’ll help to talk through what you're signing, so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to go for the property. But remember, it’s your decision and not one we can make for you. 

You should always be allowed 24 hours to take the contract away to read before you sign, so be wary of any landlords that refuse, if they are putting pressure on you to sign it won’t be for your benefit. Be wary of any landlords asking you to pay a holding fee to take the contract away to read - chances are you will lose the money if you don’t sign up. There's more info on this in our related articles below.