I'm moving to Leeds, how do I find somewhere to live?

Leeds has more accommodation than it has students, so you won’t be short of finding a new place. 

When picking a place to live you might want to: 

  • See which landlords and properties other students are recommending on Rate Your Landlord
  • Compare different rents and property standards to get the best price
  • Get your contract checked before you sign (you can do this using LUU Advice's online contract checking tool)
  • If you’re uncertain about somewhere, you don’t have to sign

I’m interested in University accommodation

Have a look here.

I’m interested in private accommodation

Unipol is your best place to start, you can do a personalised search online here.

If you need any help, are finding it hard to find suitable accommodation or have any particular needs in finding accommodation please contact LUU Advice, you can come into speak to someone in the Union, call us on 0113 3801 420 or email us here.