Managing your Clubs & Societies: Processes

How To: Write a Society Page

What is a society page?

All clubs and societies at LUU have their own webpage on Engage, which you can find under the ‘Clubs & Societies’ tab. This allows committee members to access their banking, memberships, and all sorts of things to help with the running of the society, but it can also be used to tell other students what your group is all about. Often, this is one of the first things prospective members look at when finding out about your society, so it’s important to think about what information to include and how you can engage other students. 

What should I include?

There are lots of ways to customise your society page, some of which might be more suited to your group than others. The most important thing is that your page contains key details about your society and lets students know how they can get involved. It’s a fantastic opportunity for prospective members to have a ‘window’ into your society and be tempted to join - see it as one big advert! Don’t forget that potential sponsors and other stakeholders will also likely view your page. Have a look at the points below for some ideas:

Introducing Yourselves

Students will want to find out about what your society does to work out whether it’s a good fit for them, particularly before they buy a membership. Think about trying to answer these questions when describing your society:

  • What is the purpose of your group? (e.g. we train and compete in football for the University; we want to raise money for charity)
  • Who is it aimed at? (e.g. we bring Chemistry students together; we welcome anyone who is interested in musical theatre)
  • What benefits and opportunities do you provide? (e.g. we run a coffee morning where you can chat to like-minded students and make friends; we organise talks throughout the year to enhance your CV)

Activities and Events

Do you run a weekly meeting or training session? What about any regular socials or trips? This is a great place to let students know what you offer and how they can get involved. If you meet at a regular time and location, you could also include this here. 

Contact Details

Adding your society email address and social media links will help students connect with other members, and ensures that they can contact the committee with any questions. Your social media can also showcase the activities your society runs, giving new students a chance to see what you’re all about. Once you have created your page, please check that all your links work.

Engaging Content

How about adding some photos or videos to your page? This can help to engage students and lets them see for themselves what your society gets up to - as well as letting you show off your events, trips, meetings, or anything you can think of! Please check out our FAQ here for guidance on uploading a video to your society page.

How can I edit my society page?

Please take a look at our FAQ, ‘How To: Edit Your Society Page’, here.

Any other questions or need some advice? Please get in touch with your Development and Engagement Coordinator or the Activities team at, who will be happy to help.