How to: Add an event

To add an event, you will first need to log in to your account and go to memberships on your student dashboard. Click on 'Committee dashboard'. You can then access the Events tab from your committee dashboard as shown below. 

After you have clicked on the Events tab, you will need to create a new event from the right corner. This will open a new window where you will be able to add the event's details as shown below. ** The following event is only an example and not a real event** 

When setting up the event:

- If you are planning a private event for members of your society only, make sure the tick box for "Display on What's On page" is empty. If you tick this box, the event will be displayed on the Events Whats On page which you can access from here

- You can add as many tags as you want that are relevant to your event. This will be helpful if you decide to add the event to the What's On page as it will add your event to the different tag categories.

- Make sure the tick box for "Save as draft" is empty if this event is ready to be published on your page. 

- Please only create the event when you're ready for the event to be approved as the event will be locked after you've created it. This feature is temporary and will be revised at the end of January. 

- You have three options to choose from for the ticketing system for your event; "No Tickets on Sale", "External System" and "Internal System". If your event is free and you don't have a limit for the number of attendees, then you can choose the "No Tickets on Sale" option. If the event is not free or you need to limit the number of people, then you can choose one of the other 2 options. The "External System" enables you to add links to events on external platforms such as Eventbrite. However, we recommend you use our "Internal System" for ticket sales. After you have selected "Internal System" and saved the event, you will be able to create tickets and add them to the event from the tickets tab shown below. 

Once you click on the tickets tab, you will be able to add the ticket's name, description, price, limits and requirements as shown in the next 2 images.  

Make sure you tick the "Make Active" if you are ready for your tickets to go live once the event has been approved.