How to: Edit your society page

Log in to your account an go to memberships on your student dashboard. Click on 'Committee dashboard'.

On the committee dashboard, click on 'Edit group' and the page editor will appear. 

You can upload your group logo here, which sits in a square frame.

In the description box, you can either use the text editor or if you have a HTML template (e.g. a mailchimp template) you'd like to use, you can paste it in by clicking on the <> logo on the top left hand side of the editor.

You'll then have the option to paste in your social media handles - make sure you don't paste in the entire URL as you only need the handles i.e. the characters after the final forward slash in the URL - e.g. 118867734881047 for Tennis Society's Facebook page - rather than the full URL:

Once you've done that, hit 'Save Group' and you're done!