I’m a Postgrad Research student can I find a job alongside my studies?

If you’re a research student, particularly if you’re sponsored, your school or sponsor might put limits on how much you’re allowed to work.

In most cases this is low - the standard is 5 hours a week, and sometimes is required to be in related activities such as teaching or continuing in professional practice. Some university scholarships might even be given on the basis that you do some work for your school. 

In a lot of instances you’ll be an employee of the University, meaning you’ll have all the rights that other employees have. 

However there are also sponsorships where you’re not technically an employee, which could mean your rights are limited. In any case, PGRs who undertake paid work within their academic department will usually be covered by the PGRs who Teach policy, and you’ll usually be classed as a ‘worker’ rather than an employee.

Whatever your sponsorship or contract, LUU Advice can help. In some situations there may be financial support available for those unable to work due to the demands of the course. We also support students with problems relating to their experience of working for their department either on an individual basis or on a collective basis through the PGR Student Forum.

It’s also worth joining a trade union in your workplace for specialist help.