Can someone else proofread my work?

Generally, you shouldn’t get anyone else to proofread your work for you, this includes; proofreading services that may charge fees, peers, friends or family. Your work should represent your own abilities and understanding. Developing your own proofreading skills is an essential part of academic writing and you could be breaching the University’s Proofreading Policy if you do get someone else to help you. 

You can read the Proofreading Policy to understand how to make sure you are following the procedure correctly here.  

There are a number of exceptions when it comes to proofreading which are written in the policy and include: 

  • Academic supervisors and tutors, who do have responsibility for the preparation and research of extended projects or dissertations
  • All other assessed work, tutors can offer advice on drafts but will not carry out extensive corrections or re-writing
  • Group work, where students take collective responsibility for a piece of work, they are able to proof each others’ contributions
  • Collaborative practice encouragement as part of module learning, for instance discussing others’ drafts
  • Third-party support for students with a disability or learning difficulty. This support must be declared on the academic integrity form when you submit your work
  • You could be charged with academic misconduct if you do not follow the proofreading policy

If you do need extra support or help here are some university approved outlets: