Participants within Clubs and Societies

Leeds University Union offers the clubs and society participant programme to welcome Leeds alumni, members of the local community and fellow students from other Leeds institutions to give them access to some of our top class sports clubs and societies.

Though we offer the Clubs and Society participant programme to hundreds of students, local community and alumni each year, not all applications are successful. Our primary function is to provide services for current University of Leeds students and we have to make sure that the clubs and society participants' inclusion either enhances the opportunity and experience of Leeds University students, or make sure no opportunity is taken away from a Leeds University student as a result of the inclusion of a clubs and society participant.

Eligibility criteria
Please carefully check your eligibility below before applying. Participants will disclose to LUU any details which might make them unsuitable to take part in LUU clubs & societies, which include, but are not limited to:
Outstanding or unspent legal convictions
Involvement in ongoing disputes or incidents involving the police
Involvement in ongoing disputes with a department of LUU, or with the University of Leeds
Relationship to any company or organisation with which LUU or an affiliated group (for example a club or society) has regular contact, in particular if the company or organisation benefits financially from this contact

These situations do not necessarily prevent you from joining a club/society as a participant, but failure to disclose these issues may result in you being disinvited to take part within LUU clubs and societies.

Club & Society Participant access and exclusions
Clubs & Society participation will constitute:
The ability to join LUU clubs & societies offering the participant programme on payment of the relevant individual fee
The ability to compete in non-BUCS sport, where the team does not directly represent the University of Leeds
Access to all LUU bars, clubs and events only as part of club/society social activities

Clubs & Society participation excludes:
Right to vote in elections for club/society committee positions
Right to nominate candidates for election as Core Officers and Committee Members of the club/society
Right to vote on all questions of policy within the club/society
Right to compete in BUCS matches or matches which directly represent the University of Leeds
Fees and participation in club/society activities being subsidised using LUU grants.
Access to academic support and/or representation and help & support services
Access to LUU trips and programmed events, including events as part of the wellbeing programme