Clubs and Societies - Memberships and Elections

Who can join a Club or Society?

Following a review of our byelaws and operations we are making some changes to the membership categories available for our clubs and societies. These changes are intended to ensure that current students are able to take advantage of as many places in our clubs and societies as possible and provide reassurance that we are meeting our charitable objects as set out in our articles of association. 

Club and Society Members

Our future membership categories will therefore be as follows with effect from 1 September 2022:

    Full members – students of the University of Leeds

Previously we included a public membership category, which allowed alumni and others to hold member rights in our clubs and societies, as well as an affiliate membership category aimed at students attending other Leeds universities and education institutions. But as our focus is very much our current membership our board has taken the decision to remove other categories of membership from our offer. 

The reason for this is the risk arising of LUU being unable to discipline or sanction anyone who is not a Leeds student, which has serious implications if someone is accused of a misbehaviour or crime; effectively there is an imbalance in the sanctions available to be applied to students at the University of Leeds and anyone else.  

We have an obligation to run affairs (including clubs and societies) for Leeds students but recognise that some clubs and societies draw benefit from the involvement of members of the local community and fellow students from other institutions. We will therefore be working with our clubs and societies over the coming months to identify other routes for those individuals who wish to continue working with our clubs and societies to do so. However, these new forms of participation will not provide any membership rights as these are reserved for full members only i.e. students at the University of Leeds.

We already have some schemes in place such as our approved coach/instructor registration scheme that may suit some participants and are offering a registered participant scheme, should clubs and societies wish to offer this, administered through our Activities and Opportunities Officer, supported by the Activities Executive.

Please note that current memberships for 2021/22 will all lapse on 31 August 2022 and that at present there are currently only 113 public members in over 350 LUU clubs and societies compared to over 35,300 full (Leeds student) members and just over 600 alumni/students from other institutions.  

We will be providing some FAQs regarding these changes and will update you further as the consultations with clubs and society committees take place.

Options for non-University of Leeds Students

Individuals that not from the University of Leeds may still take part in society activity, at the discretion of the individual Club/Society and the Activities & Opportunities Officer. We recognise the value that individuals can bring to a club/society, whether it is supporting with their expertise or through fundraising. Therefore, non-University of Leeds students can sign up, and pay fees to a society, through a participation option that will be made available on LUU Engage.