Payment issues

Please check our 'Request a refund' guide if you want to request a refund.

I have made a payment but have not received my item/confirmation
We are manually checking all transactions on our site and refunding all transactions which don't register against any products or tickets on our site. If you haven't received an automatic refund within 2 weeks, please let our Finance team know about this on and they'll be happy to assist you further. Please include your name, student ID, transaction ID and a screenshot in your email, so that they can find your transaction.

Why is my payment is being declined?
There are a number of reasons why your card could be being declined. You may have entered your card details incorrectly or the card has expired, you included your billing address (please leave billing address blank), or your card is not supported by our systems. If possible, please try using another payment card. You may also need to ensure that you are not using a VPN service while making a transaction.

I am adding an item to my basket but it's not showing in the basket
There are two causes for this, please see below:
1. Please click on the 'Select' dropdown, and select the number of tickets you'd like to add to your basket.
2. The item requires membership to a Club or Society in order to be purchased, therefore you will first need to purchase membership.