I’m worried about lecture capture and attendance monitoring invading my privacy

Lecture Capture

Information about recordings will be available before you enroll on your modules as well as before each recorded teaching session. This includes situations where you might be recorded, and your legal rights in relation to this. If you want to be identified you should give your name. Sessions will only be recorded if it is agreed that it will improve the quality of learning without disrupting it. 

Lecture capture has been designed to take the rights of students and staff into account and includes the safeguarding and protection of the people recorded. Sensitive personal data like disability status, beliefs, ethnic origin, etc wouldn’t be recorded without specific consent.

Attendance Monitoring 

When you register as a student you contract sets out a number of rules that you must follow during time at the University. You can read more about the contract here.

Attendance monitoring is part of this contract. To find out more, take a look at the policies and procedures relating to attendance monitoring here.

If you’re worried about the collection, monitoring and use of data, just speak to you your School as attendance monitoring can vary depending on your course. 

If you still have concerns after this, just speak to LUU Advice.