Lecture capture: what you need to know

Some lectures are recorded and you can access them on Minerva. There’s an opportunity for the recording to be edited before it’s published and this is usually done within 72 hours.

My sessions on lecture capture aren’t recorded what does this mean?

The decision of what’s recorded and how the recordings will be used, is ultimately down to the Head of School/Service where the session is taking place.

If a decision has been made not to record and publish, you could speak to your Head of School for an explanation.  

Can I make recordings of my lectures?

The University has a Lecture Capture scheme which is the authorised method of recording teaching sessions.

You read more about Lecture Capture here.

If you want to make your own personal recordings you’ll need to make sure you ask the permission of the member of staff leading the session. You will usually only be able to record yourself in exceptional circumstances, such as an adjustment related to a learning disability.

If you record yourself without getting permission first, you could face disciplinary action.