What is Action Short of a Strike and how will this affect me?

What is action short of a strike?

Action Short of a Strike OS means that UCU members will only be working their contracted hours and duties, and not volunteering to do more. This will take place from Wednesday 1 December continuously until no later than Tuesday 3 May 2022.

This should not affect lectures, but may mean that staff are less available, and more difficult to contact if they are not working over their contracted hours. It may mean it takes longer to get feedback or marks.

Will all staff be taking this action?

No. Not all staff are members of the UCU. Of around 5500 academic, professional and managerial staff, around 1800 are members of UCU. Some staff might not take this action 

How do I know if my lecturer is taking this action?

Your school will be the best source of information about rescheduled activities and will do what it can to keep you updated. We encourage you to speak to the school’s student support /taught student office or Head of School if you have any questions.

You can view the University's communications to students here.