I'm a research student, how will the UCU strike affect my teaching?

What will happen to my teaching & demonstrating sessions?

We expect that there may be disruption to other teaching sessions on the modules which you work on. Check with the teaching School to find out more information.

What will happen to my supervision, training or contact hours?

Your research group colleagues may not be in work on any planned days of industrial action, and there may be disruption to supervision or training sessions.

Can I be asked to cover the teaching of striking staff?

Your teaching School may ask you to cover or re-schedule sessions. You cannot be required to do additional work in order to ‘make up’ for work lost due to the strike. If you require further advice, contact your trade union.

I wish to join the strike, what can I do?

If you are a member of UCU (even if you have recently joined), you can lawfully join the industrial action of strike and ‘action short of a strike’. You should seek more information about taking action, including accessing the strike hardship fund, from your local UCU rep.

I do not wish to join the strike, what can I do?

You should not feel pressured or harassed into joining the strike, even if you are a UCU member. Contact LUU Advice if you need further information on this.

I wish to join the strike but my research is funded by an external body, what can I do?

If your work contract is with the University of Leeds, you will be able to take part in the action. For further information on this, please contact your local UCU rep.

I wish to join the strike but I am worried about the impact on my future career, what can I do?

Trade union activity should not lead to discrimination later on. You can find out more info here and here. If you remain concerned about potential discrimination, contact your trade union, or LUU Advice for more information.

I am a researcher in one School and teach in another. Will this affect me taking action? 

No, all departments are included in the action.

I teach at two institutions, UoL and another local university. How does this affect things?

The industrial action ballots are institution specific since not all universities are affected by the pension reforms. If you work at another institution which is not included in the dispute or does not have a valid ballot, you can’t strike there. Contact your UCU rep if you need more information about this.

I'm out of pocket or have lost out on teaching, what can I do?

If you weren't striking you shouldn't lose out on any money, so you should contact your local HR officer if you're worried you haven't been paid for any work.

If you were striking, you will have your wages deducted for the days you didn’t work. However you may be eligible to claim strike pay from your trade union. Get in touch with your trade union to see if you are eligible.

You can view the University's communications to students here.