What am I responsible for when renting?

The two main things you’re responsible for are paying your rent on time and generally treating the property well.   

In a nutshell this means:

  • Letting the landlord know if you will have problems with any rent payments and getting some help if you are running short of money.
  • Trying to get on with your housemates. Fallouts and household disputes don’t get you out of paying your rent - so try to resolve any issues before people want to move out.
  • Report all disrepair as soon as it happens - if you don’t and it causes further damage they may try and charge you.
  • If you or your guests do cause any damage - be honest and either replace anything you can or contribute to the landlord’s costs for fixing it.
  • Do minor day to day maintenance, e.g. unblocking sinks or replacing light bulbs.
  • Keep the property clean on a regular basis, including the cooker, fridge and freezer, toilet, and bath/shower area.
  • Take the rubbish out - any problem with rats and a build up of rubbish you can be charged for.
  • Put your bins out (and take them back in again on bin day).
  • Make sure the property is secure - lock doors and windows, if you have a burglar alarm use it. If you are burgled and the property wasn’t left securely you could have a problem claiming on your insurance.
  • In the winter keep your heating on a low heat to prevent the pipes from freezing.