Do I need contents insurance?

We would suggest you get insurance but before you pay any money out for a policy here are a few things to check first:

  • If you live in University accommodation - it may be included in your rent.
  • If you rent from a landlord - check whether they have included it as a deal.
  • Check your parents’ home insurance, you may be covered.

If you find you already have some cover with your rent/parents check that it is enough for what you have e.g. if you have a bike, musical instrument or computer equipment, is it included to the value you need? If not you may need to pay an additional premium for extra cover.

If you don’t have insurance cover it is definitely worth getting it and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Some insurance companies do deals for shared properties, so you could share the cost with your housemates.

What insurance should I get?

Comparison websites are a useful place, and Endsleigh also have student tailored packages that may be worth a look. 

When getting insurance you may want to think:

  • Does the level of cover meet your needs e.g. if you have expensive items?
  • Are there any exclusions e.g. needing a lock on your bedroom door?
  • Are your contents covered outside of your house e.g. laptops/phones?
  • Are you covered for accidental damage?

Even if you get insurance, you still need to be careful about securing your place. If a burglar gets in through an unlocked door or window, your insurance company may not pay out, so keep safe.