How much will I have to pay for bills?

If I don't have bills included 

This will depend on what services you want. In addition to the standard utilities of gas, electricity and water, you need to factor in the type of internet service, any TV subscriptions and your TV licence.

If you are sharing with other students, get a deal that suits everyone’s needs so you can split the cost.

It’s difficult to gauge how much you could be paying for gas and electricity because it will depend a lot on your house and what you use, plus energy prices are always changing but £8-£10 per week should cover both.

The best way to get an idea is to ask previous tenants what they paid. By law, your landlord has to give you the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the property which will also give you a good indication of how energy efficient the place is. 

When you move in, you don’t have to stay with the same supplier. Switching can save a lot of money as utility companies are always looking to do competitive deals for new customers. Check out the Uswitch.

Just remember to let your landlord know who your new supplier is.

If I have bills inclusive

If you are paying bills inclusive through your landlord or a separate company, it will depend on what bills are covered in your package. This could just be utility bills (gas, electricity, water) or may also cover internet and TV licence. 

Your contract should make it clear what you should be paying and this should be a set price. You should also find out who you should pay, whether you pay your landlord or a separate company managing your bills e.g. Glide. 

There are also bills inclusive companies that you can sign up to and choose which bills you’d like to cover depending on your package. There will be a fee for using this service. 

Whatever bills inclusive package you have, make sure you read the small print around ‘fair usage’. You could be charged extra for going over your amount.

You are also entitled to money back if you use less than the allowance you have signed up to. Ask your landlord or the company to show a breakdown of charges to figure this out.