NUS: What is a delegate and what do they do?

Delegates are the most important strand of NUS National Conference and Liberation Conference. They are the people who get to discuss and debate the NUS’ political direction, and eventually get the vote on what policies the organisation should endorse and who should be running the NUS.

Every students' union that is a member of the NUS gets a proportional delegate entitlement. This means each students' union is able to send a set number of students to represent their Union and University at the National Conference, who then get the opportunity to vote on policy and elected positions. For example, Leeds University Union has one of the largest delegate entitlements as we are one of the largest students' unions in the country. This year there will be 12 elected positions available for the National Conference, half of whom must self-identify as female.

There will also be 6 delegate positions for the Liberation Conference, and these are reserved for students who self-define into the NUS’ Liberation groups and offered to our Liberation Coordinators in the first instance rather than being elected.