What elections are there at LUU?

Here at LUU we’re led by our members, and elections are just one of the ways in which you can have a really direct say in how your Union is run, and who represents you. From society committees through to the Student Executive, you can vote and stand in all sorts of elections.

There are four main election periods that run across each academic year, giving you lots of opportunities to vote and have your say, or to stand as a candidate to lead your society, represent LUU nationally or take charge of the whole place! Our elections are open to anyone, and you don’t need to be a campaigning expert to run.

The Political Engagement Team is here to support you every step of the way - they provide training and tips, resources and mentoring. You can always get in touch with them on LUU.PET@leeds.ac.uk

NUS Delegate Elections

NUS is the National Union of Students - you might know them as the place to get a TOTUM Card and sort out your student discount, but they're also a big member-led campaigning organisation.

Just like you're a member of LUU, LUU is a member of NUS - and each year the NUS holds a big conference to let the membership decide what its priorities should be for the year ahead. You can see what Delegates voted for last year here.

We get to send 12 elected students (known as Delegates) to this conference, and to ensure everyone is able to attend, we cover the cost of the conference and give you training and support in advance. This is a great opportunity for you to not only shape how student campaigns look on a national level, but also meet students and campaigners from across the country.

The 2022 conference is in Liverpool, on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 March.

  • Nominations open, Monday 1 November
  • Nominations close, Friday 3 December
  • Voting period, 7am Monday 6 to 7pm Friday 10 December


LeadLUU is what we call our Student Executive election – it’s one of the biggest student elections in the country.

Every student at the University of Leeds is able to run for one of the six Student Executive positions that act as trustees of LUU as a charity and represent the voice of over 36,000 students.

The process starts with a search for candidates, who LUU trains and supports, and ends with LUU asking the members who they want to be in charge of their Union in a campus-wide vote. The successful candidates run LUU for a year in full-time, paid positions – either as a sabbatical year between study, as a placement year or after they have graduated.

  • Nominations open, Monday 29 November
  • Nominations close, Friday 4 February
  • Voting period, 7am Monday 28 February to 7pm Thursday 3 March

Club & Society Election Month

We have around 350 amazing Clubs & Societies at LUU, each led by a committee of students - holding positions from President and Secretary, through to Head of Publicity and more. Their fantastic work supports thousands of club and society members to have the best experience possible.

All of our Club & Society committees are elected by their group members, and any member of the Club or Society is eligible to stand for election.

In previous years, clubs and societies have held individual AGMs to elect their committee members for the upcoming year, but as of 2021 year we opted to streamline the process and bring every mini election together onto Engage.

Activities Executive Election

The Activities Executive are 13 elected students who represent members of LUU societies to the University and LUU. Being a member of the Activities Exec is an exciting way to impact the way LUU is run, as well as a great way to meet creative people and hold amazing events.

Each member of the Activities Exec represents a category of LUU societies – from Performance & Music to Welfare, they have you covered. They make key decisions about new society formations, allocate funding, chair 5 Society Executive Category Meetings to gather feedback on proposed policies, and represent the voices and needs of members in their category at the Better Forums.

All of our Activities Executive are elected by members of Clubs & Societies in their category, and you need to belong to a Club or Society in the relevant category to stand for a position.