Welcome to East African

We are a community of East Africans, and for anyone with an interest in the region & its people.

We are committed to the advancement of East Africa and doing what we can to promote the development of our communities in the UK and in East Africa.


Our Objectives

Providing a space for East Africans to meet, socialize and build connections in the UK. By coordinating social events with the aim of encouraging the creation of intimate bonds of friendship between East Africans and providing a network of genuine support. The EASoc should aim to create a true community, in every sense of the word.2. To provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting East African (and black students in general) and a means to address them. Through planning of formal panel & group discussions touching on relevant and pressing issues from East Africa. The aim of this is to ensure that members stay in touch with and contribute to solving matters back home. It also should develop awareness of the various social, political, etc, issues affecting their communities.

3. To bridge the gap between East African students in Leeds and their home countries. This involves establishing and maintaining links with governmental and non-governmental bodies in East Africa that are willing and capable of providing opportunities (i.e. Work experience, etc) for students learning in Leeds.

4. To spread knowledge of East Africa and its Cultures throughout the University & its environs, through Cultural events, Language taster sessions etc.

5. To give back to the local community by providing opportunities for members to be involved in charity work e.g. partnering with Leeds with the Homeless, etc.


One year Student membership – £5 

This type of memberships is only for students at the University of Leeds who have an email address ending in @leeds.ac.uk 


One year Affiliate membership - £7

For students at other universities in Leeds, and University of Leeds alumni.


One year Participant membership - £7

This type of membership is for anyone who is not a current student at the University of Leeds. 


The Leeds East African Society is here to manifest the East African Spirit in Leeds so that everyone can experience what a treasure we call home. We hope you consider joining us.


Contact us at easocleeds@gmail.com