How to: Form a society

LUU has 320+ fantastic clubs and societies providing students recreational opportunities. Our societies and the staff and student leaders who support them combine to create a fun, celebrated, and lively community that we are proud to be a part of. If you have a new idea for a club or society, then the Activities Executive want to hear about it! This guide will outline the steps and considerations you must take for the best chances of a successful formation.

You will be undertaking an exciting project with your application with the chance to learn some excellent skills. However, please note that we are limited in the number of groups we can form each year. Therefore, this is a competitive process, and the Activities Executive are looking to see your idea at its best, understand the impact you will make, and be sustainable for years to come.

In short, the formations process is as follows:

  Step one: Your big idea

  Step two: Why a society?

  Step three: Your core-committee

  Step four: Register your application

  Step five: Staff review

  Step six: The meeting

  Step seven: Student vote

  Step eight: The formation event

  Step nine: Writing your report

  Step ten: Activities Exec Committee and decision

  Step eleven: Compliance

  Step twelve: Lets go

Please read our guide:

This guide includes

The formations process in more detail

Exceptions to the formations process

Grounds for rejection

Next steps if you are approved


Please contact if you have any issues, and we will be happy to help!