So you're thinking of setting up a new society? Great news! We’re always encouraging students to think about setting up a Society if there’s not already one for your idea. Whether it’s just you and a few friends, a post you have seen on social media, or from your course chat, it’s likely there are lots of other people all thinking the same thing and would benefit from having a shared group to perform activities in. 

In short, the formations process is as follows:

Step one: Find 3 people who want to run your society with you. 

Step two: Submit an idea on your student dashboard under ‘Society Formations’ 

Step three: Development & Engagement Coordinator reviews your request

Step four: Attend a meeting with your Development & Engagement Coordinator

Step five: Hold a formation event

Step six: Student vote on Engage

Step seven: Student Executive Vote

Please read our How To: Start A Society guide which includes:

  • The formations process in more detail
  • Exceptions to the formations process
  • Grounds for rejection
  • Next steps if you are approved
  • Funding

Please contact if you have any issues, and we will be happy to help!