Making an appeal to the Deputy-Vice-Chancellor: What You Need To Know

If you’re unhappy with a decision that has found you guilty of academic misconduct or the penalty that has been applied to you, you can appeal to the Deputy-Vice-Chancellor, (DVC).

You’ll need to do this within 20 working days of receiving the letter telling you the decision. 

You should send your appeal to the Student Cases Team. Further information on the timescale and application form for a DVC appeal are on the Student Cases website here. 

If you’re thinking about appealing or want help writing an appeal just contact us at LUU Advice. 

The decisions that can be made at appeal are: 

  • To agree with the original decision and/or penalty
  • To reduce or change the penalty
  • To increase the penalty
  • To remove the penalty and overturn the findings of the Committee on Applications or the School.

If you’re still not happy with the decision after the Deputy-Vice Chancellor's appeal you can appeal to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (the OIA).

If you need advice or support about this just contact LUU Advice