I want to leave university, do I have to still pay for my university accommodation?

You will have signed a fixed term contract for a set number of weeks so you will still have to pay in these weeks or find another student who would be happy to take your room.

There are some exceptions that can get you out of your contract early, but there is normally a notice period of up to eight weeks. Exceptions include leaving your university course or exceptional personal circumstances.

You will have to get an agreement from the Accommodation Office to be released. Speak to them first before signing any other housing contracts, or you could end up having to pay two rents.

If you want to leave early because you are having problems in the accommodation or don't like the people you are living with, speak to the Hall or Flat warden first as they may be able to resolve the problem.

Remember, don’t move out without seeking advice first, fixed term contracts are difficult to break.

If you need to find someone to take your room, they have to be suitable for the type of accommodation, e.g. not a first year student in mature student accommodation and they have to be a student. They also cannot be already in student accommodation.

If you transfer to other uni accommodation (as long as there is space) then you do not have to find a replacement student.