What happens if I can't find a replacement tenant?

If you want to move out/have moved out and still owe rent then the landlord will still expect you to pay, even if you haven’t managed to find someone to take over your room.  

If you haven’t already tried it, Unipol’s student to student noticeboard is a good place to find a replacement housemate and you can advertise in University departments too.

It can be difficult, depending on the time of the year to find someone to take over your rent, here are a few things to think about: 

  • Try reducing the rent so you would pay the difference 
  • See if your housemates would split the cost of some or all of your rent to have spare room 

Let the landlord know if you will struggle to pay this rent. If you have a joint contract, the landlord can ask your housemates/and or any guarantors to cover the outstanding cost. 

Depending on your circumstances, you can also seek financial help. If you are a UK student, try here. If you are an International Student call into LUU Advice for further information on what support may be available.

Check your contract to see if there are any break clauses that can release you from your contract or let you give notice. For instance if you have had to move out because of disrepair or your landlord's/housemates’ behaviour.