What happens if I sign a housing contract and change my mind?

If you’ve signed an individual fixed term contract… 

...And there is nothing in your contract that lets you give notice, you’ll need to find a replacement to take your place in the contract. Your landlord will have to agree to the tenant. Even if you don’t move into the house the landlord could hold you responsible for paying the rent and could contact your guarantor or take you to court if you don’t pay.

If you’ve signed a fixed term joint contract

Then, you'll need to find a replacement who will take your place on the contract. Your housemates need to agree on your choice. Fixed term means you have a start and an end date

If you signed but were out of the UK

You could get a cooling period of up to 7 days. Have a chat with LUU Advice and we can help you out. 

If you really need to move out but can’t find anyone to take over your room pop in to see us or drop us an email and we can see what other options there may be.

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