What happens if my deposit has been unprotected?

If you have received a letter from your deposit protection scheme or your landlord saying your deposit has become unprotected, contact your landlord first to find out why, as you could lose your deposit if you don’t get this sorted.

Legally, your deposit should be protected throughout your tenancy.

Your deposit can be unprotected at any time in your tenancy if your landlord lets your tenancy deposit scheme know they no longer want it protecting. They may unprotect your deposit for legitimate reasons, like if they sell the house, or other reasons which could impact you getting your deposit back. 

If your deposit has become unprotected because your landlord has sold the property, your new landlord needs to re-protect your deposit. 

If your deposit is still unprotected after you contact your landlord you can complain to Unipol if your landlord has signed up to their Code of Standards.

Contact LUU Advice if your landlord isn’t part of their code and we can help you. Try not to wait until the end of your contract to get this sorted as it could be harder to get your money back.