I’ve applied for Mitigating Circumstances but not heard anything back

Extension requests are usually dealt with soon after they’re submitted. If you haven’t heard back yet and your deadline is near, you should weigh up whether to risk submitting the work late but at a better quality (and hope that the request gets approved), or on time but at a lower quality.

Keep in mind that if you submit work late and your extension isn’t approved, you will receive late penalties. You may still be in time to make another mitigating circumstances application, this time for Additional Consideration, and ask for the late penalties to be removed. You can also request this through an appeal if you are too late to apply again.

If you submit your work on time and it is of a lower quality than normal, but it still passes, you will not be allowed to resit.

Additional Consideration requests are not dealt with straight away. You might not hear about the outcome for some time, sometimes not until the end of the academic year.

If you want to know where your application is up to, you need to contact your School’s Student Support Office.