Can I be charged more when I have an all inclusive deal?

Yes - if you go over the ‘fair usage’ limit which will be in your agreement.  

You can ask them to provide evidence of over exceeding the energy use limit (e.g. meter readings).

They should tell you early on if you are exceeding your limit though, and you shouldn’t just be landed with a big bill at the end of your contract.

If you live in a shared house, it may not be your fault if your housemate never turns off the heating or uses loads of internet data through downloads. However, you will be jointly responsible to pay the bill if you have a joint contract. 

If you signed your contract after 1 June 2019 you can't be charged extra for an all inclusive contract. If you don't use the full amount that the contract charges you for, you must be refunded. 

If you need some advice, or you’ve got a big bill you can’t pay get in touch with LUU Advice.