I’m a research student, how will the strike affect my finances?

What will happen to my pay if my teaching or demonstrating session is cancelled? 

Check with the teaching School to find out if sessions will be rescheduled. 

What will happen to my pay if I strike from my teaching or demonstrating session? 

You will have your wages deducted for the days you don’t work. You may be eligible to claim strike pay from your trade union. 

What is strike pay?

This is money set aside by a trade union to offset the financial difficulty caused by lost salary or wages. We understand from UCU that they will prioritise applications from casualised and low paid staff (including PGRs). 

How can I claim strike pay from UCU? 

You should claim for all types of work (preparation, teaching, marking) where this falls on a strike day. We understand from UCU that their rules about consecutive days of industrial action to qualify for strike pay relate to the dates of the strike, not your working days, so part-time workers will not be disadvantaged.

If you are struggling to evidence your pay (i.e. your payslip is late) talk to UCU about other acceptable types of proof. Contact your local UCU rep for more info. 

What can I do if I continue to be worried about money? 

If you have wider concerns about your financial situation, contact LUU Advice.